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Data Science
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Connect your store

Connect your store

CustomerVox makes it easy to pull in customer, order and product data from your Shopify store so you can make customer communication more personalized & relevant.

Design&automate beautiful touchpoints

Using our state of the art drag&drop builder, you can easily create effective landing pages & popups & emails & text messages as well as personalize your Shopify store in order to maximize conversions.


Automate interactions with your customers

Easily (like simple as 1-2-3) automate customer communication that is personal and relevant based on previous interactions and preferences of your visitors.

Migration is simple and we would be happy to onboard you free of charge. Get in touch now!

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24/7 сustomer support

We want to help you grow your business. Our support team works around the clock to assist you whenever you have a question. Drop us a message and we will get back to you.

eCommerce focus

Everything we’ve built is based on the premise of how to best support Shopify brands. We believe by having a clear audience allows us to focus on what you need to be successful. Being focused helps us build a superior product.

Free onboarding

We’ve removed all the roadblocks for you to switch from other providers with our free concierge migrations (yep, we’ll move every touchpoint, contact and automation). Switching to CustomerVox is a snap. Get in touch!

Read some success stories from clients

Resad Zacina

Throughout my many years learning and working with online marketing I've had the opportunity to try several marketing apps. With CustomerVox you get all the functionalities in one app and because it's one service, you can track all your customer interactions. With CustomerVox I have all the features I can think of, from simple to advanced but at the same time it's so easy to set up and use!

Resad Zacina
Ervin Slavotic

I recommend CustomerVox for Shopify store owners. It's an easy-to-use and robust tool that helps improve conversion rates as it provides easy to design customer touchpoints. With a few clicks, it's quick and easy to build and deploy personalization such as product recommendations, upsell/cross-sells and many more across email, popups and landing pages with many out of the box ecommerce events as triggers using drag&drop automations interface. Their analytics provide top-line insights which allow you to make effective conclusions.

Last but not least is how easy the tool is to use as no code knowledge is required so non-technical eCommerce managers can design, create automations and experiment on their own on a daily basis.

Ervin Slavotic
Ecommerce Solutions Lead @ Accenture Interactive

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