Automate customer interactions for increased sales

With CustomerVox automations you can setup workflows in our visual automation builder. It’s easy to use but you can achieve almost everything you want.

«Interact with your customers with targeted content at the right time, every time with CustomerVox marketing automation tool. CustomerVox automations can automate emails, popups as well as landing pages. »

CustomerVox Team


Works with multiple customer touchpoints

With CustomerVox automations you can automate emails, popups and landing pages. This way you can tailor complete customer journeys and guide the customers to your desired outcomes.


Automate content personalization at scale

Related products, cross-sells, upsells, frequently bought together items are all supported by our ML algorithms and provide you with an opportunity to easily tailor content so it’s relevant for every single of your customers.


Shopify and CustomerVox events as starting base

Any event can be a trigger to get an automation started. We have Shopify specific events as well as out own events to help you get started.

CustomerVox automations

While simple to use it doesn't mean automations are not powerful. You can automate almost anything - from simple to complex scenarios.

Shopify and CustomerVox events

Events are the starting base of any automation. We provide out of the box events to get you started.

Automations for all customer interactions

CustomerVox automations support email, popups and landing pages.

Easy to configure

Use our state of the art visual interface and create automations with no-code required.

Reliable support

If you ever need any help or have questions about CustomerVox we have an incredible Customer Success team ready to listen and help you grow your business.

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