Turn customer data into insights

With CustomerVox, you can finally break down silos and make your customer data work for you. We turn your customer data into actionable insights, so you can use the power of predictive and personalized analytics to help you predict, engage, and retain customers with ease.

« When data is stored in different platforms, it’s impossible to build a unified view of your customers. CustomerVox enables us to gather customer data is it tracks all our customer touchpoints and interactions. We then use that data to help us understand and segment our customers in order to drive further value. »

William McDonald

Customer Data Management

Customer Data Management

Get your customer data into CustomerVox automatically from Shopify or by importing unlimited contacts from any source.


Track & understand your customers

We keep track of all ecommerce and browsing events and tie that to each customer profile. We can provide a holistic view of each customer with past purchases as well as actions.

Track & understand your customers
Build segmentations & personas

Actionable insights to predict, engage & retain customers

Group your contacts with fields, personas, and customer lifetime segments so you can perform value-added activities and increase sales.

Customer Lifetime Journey
Custom Fields

CustomerVox customer data management

Easily integrate with Shopify and/or import contacts with CSV files. It’s a breeze to get started.

Connect your Shopify store

We’ve built a simple to get started yet powerful Shopify integration. Provide your Shopify store URL and the platform will do everything else.

Store all your contact data in our platform

Once the contact data is inside our platform, you can enrich it or add manual integrations to other supporting tools you might be using that might be relevant.

Understand how your store performs

As we have all the data available we can then provide value-added insights on how to grow your business.

Read more about our analytics.

Reliable support

If you ever need any help or have questions about CustomerVox we have an incredible Customer Success team ready to listen and help you grow your business.

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