1on1 personalized eCommerce marketing automation

Our goal is to help ecommerce stores generate more revenue. In our platform we gather all customer interactions through our Shopify integration. We then go beyond and provide personalized content in order to increase conversions using ML.

We enable relevant communication with your customers through:

Email marketing

Should account for 30%-35%
of revenue


Ability to grow number of identified contacts you can promote to and to increase sales

Landing pages

Easily tailor product pages for better conversions

For years we have been running an agency helping ecommerce stores with their marketing. It’s through the work with our clients we realized we could make an easy to use tool that could add major value and no glue work required to enable marketing teams to do their best work. That’s how CustomerVox came to be.



Customer data management

By grouping your contacts with fields, personas, and customer lifetime segments you can send highly targeted content based on their interests. And you can keep track of how those contacts interact with your content as we track and store all customer interaction events. This will help you understand how to continue creating relevant and value-added content for your customers.


We gather, categorize and sort your data from Shopify as well as all future customer interactions using CustomerVox. By using advanced machine learning algorithms we provide out of the box insights related to eCommerce such as customer lifetime journey phases, personas and customer lifetime value for segments as well as individual contacts.


We’ve built a powerful Shopify integration where we import your customers, products and order history so they are automatically there.



Once we have the data, increase conversions with easy to create touchpoints that feel personal and are relevant based on previous actions and preferences of contacts. It's easy to create popups, emails and landing pages using our state of the art drag & drop builder.

Email marketing

We’ve made it easy to create and design emails right inside of CustomerVox. Personalize your email content for each customer with the goal to sell as much as possible. Use CustomerVox to take full advantage of your emails that work in all commonly used email clients as well as resolutions.


Easily create popups to gather emails from your visitors in order to grow your contact list. Recover abandoned carts, display recently viewed products. Popups can be configured to trigger when wanted. Get feedback and engage with your visitors based on their previous interactions.

Landing Pages

We make it easy to iterate on a product page to create high converting eCommerce landing pages. We have lots of existing landing page templates you can use as a starting base. Furthermore, they will match both your email marketing campaigns and popups, making them more effective.



In order to enable creation of effective touchpoints our tools are enabling our users to take advantage of CustomerVox advanced functionality in a simple manner. It’s easy as 1-2-3.

Drag&Drop Builder

It's easy to create popups, emails and landing pages using the same builder. Use our drag&drop builder and build them in minutes. Customize and personalize with ease! There is no coding or technical knowledge required.


Interact with your customers with targeted content at the right time, every time with CustomerVox automations. CustomerVox automations can automate emails, popups as well as landing pages. You can setup automation workflows using our visual automation builder. It’s easy to use but you can achieve almost everything you want.


Increase conversions with easy to create touchpoints that feel personal and are relevant based on previous actions and preferences of contacts. Deliver relevant customer experiences through personalized interactions across the entire customer journey. Whether it’s email, popup and landing pages it’s easy to provide 1:1 customer interaction.

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