Introducing customervox

Personalized & Relevant
eCommerce Marketing

We've built features that make eCommerce marketing simple, easy, and the best way to connect with your contacts. Understand your contacts, personalize content to each customer and create amazing touchpoints all with goal to sell as much as possible.

Organize and understand your customers

By grouping your contacts with tags, personas and customer lifetime segments you can send highly targeted content based on their interests. And you can keep track of how those contacts interact with your content by taking a quick look at your dashboards. This will help you understand how to continue creating content that sells.

Understand your customers

We gather, categorize and sort your data from Shopify. By using advanced machine learning algorithms we provide out of the box metrics related to eCommerce.

Customer Lifetime Journey

Create customer touchpints with ease

Once we have the data, increase conversions with easy to create touchpoints that feel personal and are relevant based on previous actions and preferences of contacts. It's easy to create popups, emails and landing pages using our state of the art drag&drop builder.


Copy and paste feature will help you to reuse components for your needs.


Enigma Software template will look perfect on any device, not only desktop clients.


Lightweight and fast custom elements and components.

Carefully crafted

Clean, carefully crafted and flexible pages will help to start faster your awesome project.

Interact with your contacts

Create content

Customer touchpoints

Don't spend your time on creating additional popups, emails or landing pages. Use our drag&drop builder and build them in minutes. Customize and personalize with ease!

Landing Pages

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