Heat Map

Heat map is a useful tool for inspecting the performance of individual page on your website. It is used to represent the engagement of the visitors with the page through observing the number of clicks, hover time and scrolling depth and speed, as the visitor navigates the page.

It is called heat map because the level of activity of visitors is indicated through different shades of red, yellow and green colors, akin to weather or stock market charts. Heat mapping is mostly used as a visualization of the visitors to uncover the areas of site and page that are especially engaging or places where visitors expect a content, while there is none.

For example, using heat map you may uncover a place that resembles a hypertext link, yet none is there. Also it helps uncover distractions on the website by indicating the links that lead visitors off the site and thus harm your conversion rate.

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Sample Heatmap

Sample Heat map[/caption]