Landing Page Optimization

Landing page optimization is part of conversion rate optimization and has the main goal of increasing visitors to a particular web site by leading them to specific pages within it.

Landing pages are displayed any time a search is undertaken or an advertisement is clicked on. The aim of the LPO is to make the page and therefore the website appeal to the highest amount of people by showing relevant content to the search that a user enters.

There are 3 main types of targeting based LPO:

  • Associative content targeting (this is also referred to as passive targeting or rule based optimization) is based on information the web site obtains through search criteria like geographic information or source,
  • predictive content targeting and
  • consumer directed targeting.

There is also different types of LPO that is based on experimentation such as closed ended and open ended experimentation. The difference between open and closed ended is that open ended will add more variations for testing and does not stop when the primary (best) option is chosen.