Lead Magnet

Users of various web sites might be asked to enter their email address or contact information to receive a newsletter or a free sample which is referred to as a lead magnet. The goal is to create an extra level of desire for the prospective consumer to choose to interact with a specific site.

Types of lead magnets that are used include the offer of content upgrades, signup incentives, free samples or other incentives such as a percent off the next purchase for sharing contact details.

Marketers consider the leads gained in lead magnets to be highly valuable in terms of potential event seeking, such as finding and buying a product on a site. By offering lead magnets to users they act to separate the business against their competitors and be chosen for the extra benefit on offer. Content marketing is created around lead magnet. It also helps to build a stronger audience for the web site and gives the potential for future sales on past clients or past web site visitors.