Lifecycle Email

In lifecycle marketing customers and potential customers will be segmented into a category that defines how they fit in to the business, i.e. are they long term customers, potential customers, new customers with one purchase behind them etc.

There are five generally accepted stages to the lifecycle email.

  • The first step is the prospect which includes cold calling and mass email campaigns to generate interest. Included is also the saving of each customer's contact details.
  • The second step is the welcome to the site and to create the first sale.
  • The third step is called single buyer, where new emails have to remember that a purchase has previously been made and tempt them to make another purchase.
  • The fourth lifecycle is the multibuyers; customers that have made more than one purchase.
  • The fifth lifecycle is called the dormant group, who have not made any further orders and who seem to be ignoring the continuous emails.