Simple Decay

Scores in simple decay are calculated based on a weighted value of points assigned to contacts. Touchpoints with the highest scores are considered the most valuable and the highest weight is given to pages that were viewed closest to the conversation. For all channels the most recently viewed page before the conversation will earn half of the available points and the second will earn a fourth with subsequent pages receiving 12.5%, 6.25%, 3.125%, and 1.563% of the points.

In order to calculate simple decay the score is first calculated by finding the amount of contacts that were unique and assisted by the report. Out of 100 available points they are divided among the total number of contacts to determine a point value. If a contact is only assisted by a single touchpoint all points will be counted toward the score and if it is assisted by multiple touchpoints the will be divided based on the decay model for the last six interactions. The score for each touchpoint is the sum of points received from all contacts that interacted before conversion.