User Intent

There are different reasons why user intent is worth tracking. Visitors that arrive to the website with specific intention are the prime conversion material. They are typically highly motivated and will ignore some minor failures of the website in order to complete their intended task or goal. There are multiple patterns of behavior of visitors with intent.

For example, users may be making multiple sequential visits to a web site, but without making any orders. The reason might be that the site is being accessed and compared to other e-commerce sites for the same product and being found to be more expensive then one of the competitors. If users are continually searching for a topic, while misunderstanding its placement within another subject and then continuing to browse after realizing the information is not what they are seeking then we must make tweaks to search engine optimization in order to take the person to the right page in the future.

Either way, the behavior of these motivated visitors should be tracked and any impediments to their conversion removed.