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One tool for customer communication

It’s increasingly difficult to stand out in the sea of sameness and build a great relationship with your customers. By providing a holistic customer experience to get your story you will generate more sales as well as stand out.

One tool for customer communication

It’s hard to provide a holistic customer experience when a typical Shopify store uses multiple apps for marketing and they all operate as silos. Email & popups & landing pages? It's a lot to learn and as you use multiple tools the interaction data is hard to obtain.

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Enter CustomerVox

We've created ONE tool to make it so much more simple. You create templates which can be reused and then put them into touchpoints which are then used to communicate with your customers.

Typical Shopify setup

90% of Shopify stores use apps for email marketing, popups and landing pages. Problem is that each app focuses on what they do best and works in isolation which results in your customer interaction data scattered or not existent so you can't take advantage and learn from it. This also results in multiple UIs for each apps and you need to learn and figure out how to use them.

How CustomerVox is better

Spreading communication across a bunch of apps is inefficient at best; total chaos at worst. Things slip through the cracks, it’s hard to see the big picture, it’s expensive, learning the tools is a pain for your employees, etc. CustomerVox makes gathering Shopify data, setting up emails, popups, landing pages, and communicating with your customers easy.

And because it's all in one app, we gather the data and keep it in one platform so you can can create personalized & relevant messaging to your customers.

6 ways CustomerVox is different:

No fragmentation & no data lost between different apps customer interaction points. One tool to manage communication with your customers (emails, popups and landing pages)
Powerful drag&drop builder that makes it easy to design beautiful and effective touchpoints (no code required)
Powerful analytics for a holistic overview of your business
As we have all the data, we are able to provide personalization superior to any other tool out there. Go beyond Hi $name!
Data science in the core. Instead of being an afterthought, we have implemented machine learning to provide value to you and your customer messaging.
You need to learn how to use only one tool. This makes it easier for you and your employees to focus on your customers.

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