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«We’ve made it easy to create and design text right inside of CustomerVox. Personalize your text content for each customer with the goal to sell as much as possible»

CustomerVox Team


Powerful texts

We focus on texts that deliver and convert. Regulation is top of our mind.

Transactional texts

Style your MMS

State of the art drag & drop builder enables you to easily create MMS. No coding required & beautiful templates available.

Style your MMS
Personalized texts

Personalized texts

Go beyond Hi $first_name and make your texts personal by adding relevant content for your customers by dragging the relevant section.

Related products
Upsells/ cross-sells
Products frequently bought together

CustomerVox texts

Responsive texts

Over 50% of emails are opened on mobile devices. It is important to consider the experience for iOS and Android users if you really want to get your return on investment.

Supporting all major email clients

CustomerVox emails have been tried and tested across all major email clients. They render perfectly and are supported on web, desktop and mobile. No need to test email templates all day.


Our main goal is to build trustworthy deliverability to make sure you land in your customer’s inbox. That reliable deliverability means you gain trust with your customers and increase sales.

Drag&drop builder

CustomerVox drag&drop builder enables easy creation of emails, popups and landing pages. No code or technical development required.

Read more about our drag&drop builder.

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